Building a house is something everyone strives for. They save money for years to have enough to pay to the builders. It is true that everyone wants a house that is according to their wishes, but it does not happen for everyone. Here are the reasons why. 

There are three types when it comes to home builders. First, let’s talk about the first production Hills District custom home builders. These builders are cheaper as compare to the custom builders the reason is that they have limited variations of the architectural designs. The limited numbers of designs allow them to buy the material in the bulk quantity and of course buying material in the bulk quantity is cheaper for them, so they keep the price for their customer cheap as well. 

Then of course, if they have the limited designs you do not have much to choose from if you have a limited budget. This will surely lead to a point where there will surely be something about the house that you will dislike. The plus point of hiring a production home builder is that they have reasonable prices and you will definitely find something that will fit in your limited budget. With a good production builder, you can sure of the quality but with a reputed builders in Kellyville that is not so popular or famous for his work you should not keep your expectations high for the quality.

Secondly, we have custom home builders. These builders are normally expensive. The main reason is that, that they do not have the limited amount of designs that you can ask them to create something special for you in a very creative way. So, if we can have exactly what we are thinking about then what is the problem? The problem is, because they have to create something new almost every single time, they cannot buy material in bulk quantity. The remaining of the material will go waste as the builder is not sure whether that material will be used in the next project or not. Then they also have to hire the labours and pay them too. Then, of course, there are several things come up during the construction which will cost more money to solve. So, this also means you cannot be a hundred per cent sure of the total budget until the house is completed. 

Although you can choose the materials all by yourself before hiring them and choosing the materials you really need to do your homework perfectly because then you can choose the material by yourself but still the cost will be a bit higher than the production home builders. So, you can see although you are completely in charge of the design of your house and the materials being used in your house, still, custom home builders are expensive.   

Last but not the least spec builders. what they do is buy a land for a single house and then build a house to resell it. So, in this, there is less choice almost equal none. So, now everything is in your knowledge to make your decision wisely.