The Pros And Cons Of Constructing Limestone Walls

God has bestowed us with so many things, out of which we thank Him for some and some goes unnoticed even though they play an integral role in our daily life. One such thing which often goes unnoticed is the diverse variety of stone around which our life style is surrounded by. Basically, there are three kinds of rocks which are sedimentary rocks, igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks. Each of these types differs from each other on the basis of their formation. Sedimentary rocks are formed by the combination of various sediments, igneous rocks are after volcano cools down while metamorphic rocks are formed under the ground. In this article, we will be discussing about limestone (sedimentary rock) walls and its various pros and cons. 

Limestone walls: 

Let us first comprehend the idea of limestone before directly discussing about limestone walls in Fremantle. Limestone is the type of sedimentary rock which is formed by the combination of various sediments like calcium carbonate, stones, pebbles, shells, etc. However, calcium carbonate is the main component which distinguishes limestone from other sedimentary rocks. Lime stone is the chemical compound which is present in two types. One of the types is naturally found limestone and is extracted from the quarries while second one is synthetically made limestone which is formed by the combination of crushed limestone. 

Limestone is the main component which is used for constructing walls. It has various properties and advantages which makes it one of the most recommended walls. Even though there are few setbacks of constructing limestone walls but its many advantages surpasses those few disadvantages. 

Pros of constructing limestone walls: 

Limestone walls are the walls that are either composed of large bricks which are either extracted from quarries or are made from the combination of crushed limestone. Both of these types give an extraordinary look. They are quite hard and have high strength which is why they are used for construction purposes. Moreover, they have high resistance against corrosion and do not get corroded away. Another advantage of building limestone walls is that they are environment friendly and do not release any intoxicated substances. 

Cons of constructing limestone walls: 

Among many advantages, there are few disadvantages of building limestone walls as well. One setback of such walls is that they sometimes gets mixed with the acid rain and eventually starts to wear away. Moreover, they are softer from the outside which is why they can get scratched easily. 


We get to see various kinds of walls around us which are constructed in different ways using different manufacturing products. One of the most recommendable walls is the wall made up of limestone. The high demand of this wall is because of its high resistance against corrosion and its great durability. Moreover, limestone walls give extraordinary appearance. However, there are some setbacks of having limestone walls as well. “SCC civil stone” offers the best services of constructing the great quality of limestone walls. For more information, please log on to